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Updated: May 19, 2020

What is your pain?

What’s making you end your life ?

Your soul still has something to say

You blocking the message, don’t block

Let your soul release its message. We want to hear it speak.

Everyday you thinking of ending your life

And everyday you miss the trigger

Your soul does not want to die

But your ego wants you to die

So you listen to the ego not the soul

The soul is god.

The happiest person also needs a “how you doing? Sending some blessings “

The happiest person Still needs a hug.

You see someone that has it “figured out” still wants someone to sit over some cafe bustelo and talk about the exhausting.

Affection still matters

Hugs still matters

Quality time still matters

Kindness still matters

Love still matters

Hug a loved one that lost someone to suicide.

Their soul is dying as well.

This was created Thanksgiving 2019 weekend. Someone closed to my father side of the family committed suicide. It goes to anyone that lost someone to suicide or is contemplating suicide

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