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Cafecito Time: The Crazy Bunch By Willie Perdomo

Updated: May 19, 2020

The crazy bunch is a book about survival and making your dreams come true . It brings back memories from the 90s the heights and dyckman were a different time from what we see today. The hustlers, music , basketball, romance, etc. ... sometimes I wish that time came back well at least the people come back....

The crazy bunch I choose as a cafecito time book pick. The first pick. I came across this book through my local bookstore “Word up books “ . Reading poetry as novels , you have to go back and re read it and vision yourself in that scene.

Cafecito time is a time of the day where we sit and drink coffee while having a conversation. Drinking coffee is part of the culture. We can drink coffee all day. I wanted to name a section of this site “cafecito time” to discuss my current reads. Pick up this book at your local bookstore. To get you into this book , I written a few writing prompts down below…

Writing prompt #1

After reading this book ..

pick a time during your childhood or youth or whatever and write about ..

What happened?

Why you chose this memory ?

Who were the people ?

If you can turn back time , would you go back to this time?

Are the characters in the crazy bunch can you relate to them or anyone you hang with ??

Writing prompt #2

Pick a character and pretend you are that characters real life friend . You are at the corner bodega and wrote a scene about it.

These are just questions that guide you through this writing prompt

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