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Female Sexuality

Updated: May 19, 2020

Women exploring their sexuality is nothing new . Still not new and the old mentality hasn’t changed that a woman should not explore her sexuality if she wants to be respected in today’s society. Is okay for a guy to sleep with 50 women or more . His manhood is celebrated, but If a woman just has a one night stand and let’s say that’s the third guy she’s ever slept with, the scarlet letter is on her .

Women shame other women for exploring their sexuality, calling them hoes and sluts. Yet men are not called hoes and sluts or as I called them “community dick “ . Why is it okay for a man to explore his sexuality but not a female? Why must we shame a woman for being open with her sexuality? We separate ourselves to not be compared to her and be respected . Basically fear of being judged because hanging with someone that’s considered a “hoe” .

Is sexist and is 2019 to think that a woman can’t explore her sexuality because she won’t be marriage material. Is also unladylike for women to shame other women for choosing to be sexual. I am a women supporter, women empowerment For realz and it would be hypocritical of me to shame other women for exploring their sexuality even if I do not do it. Women are shamed for everything, for choosing to be married, for choosing kids, for choosing a career, for choosing that guy/girl , for choosing to be a guy not a girl, for choosing no kids. A woman can never catch a break.

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