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Global Tastings

To launch a startup during COVID is the best thing I could have done. Right now there is an issue that needs to be resolved. I started a new project, “Global Tastings” the vision is to highlight the stories of people within the food industry. If you just started following me, here is our background story. I have been working in the food industry for 11 years. I went to the Institute of Culinary Education and majored in Pastry and Baking Arts and Culinary Management. I have worked in many NYC establishments behind the scenes and in the front of house, etc. I graduated school with no experience in 2010 during the recession and when I was searching for work, I was taking very low to free gigs. I knew I wanted to get into food media writing in some way and started pursuing it in late 2017. I applied to every food media company. I emailed, DM’d and nothing. I was surprised since I was even offering free labor in exchange for skills and experience. No response.

I got fed up and was disheartened because I was searching for opportunities. I discovered that there is a lack of diversity in food media. I began thinking, how can an industry with the majority of people being immigrants and Blacks be working at said establishment, yet at the top in the industry and in food media there is no person of color. I was stunned and said to myself “You know what, fuck it! I am starting my own media site” And I did, I created Global Tastings on Instagram. Then I had a personal situation happen and had to let it sit for a bit.

COVID-19 now in our lives for what seems like the duration, and it has given me plenty of time to reflect and started thinking about Global Tastings and why it is so important and necessary right now--to capture the stories of the people working day in and out during this pandemic. I decided to bring Global Tastings back to life and have begun reaching out to people to tell their stories. There are so many themes that need to be addressed in the industry that are pushed under the rug. One of the things I will be exploring I how I wish there were more mental health resources for food service workers, higher pay wages and a better quality of life. These are many topics I will be exploring. My intention is to center and share the stories of food workers.

I am writing this because I am taking you on another journey of my life on how I got started with this project from start to finish. From the legal side to the creative side and how I got my start. I don’t know every step but I will figure it out. PLEASE FOLLOW GLOBAL TASTINGS and forward to your favorite people in the food industry.

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