• Yaddy Valerio

Loving You

Loving you was a lack of loving myself

No one handed me a handbook for this self love shit

I figured it out after loving you

Some may say you were the biggest mistakes of my life

You were a blessing from god.

God said “here this boy , he’ll fuck your feelings up but you’ll understand what love is “

Loving you was a lack of loving me

It was a reflection of betraying me

I did things the distance for you but not for me

I fought someone for you to love me properly

I stole for you so u can have something to eat

I was stealing from myself, “why are you doing this ? you never do this to yourself”

Loving you was a lack of loving me

You was the mirror I didn’t want to see

I always avoided the mirror because there was this person I didn’t want to see . She was the evil stepsister that made me do things to hurt me.

I looked at that mirror and came to tears

I hated me but I loved you

But how can I love you if I hated me ,

Somethings wrong here , talk to me nice God please

Loving you was a lack of loving me

I left you , to save me

I was sitting on the bed , next to you .

Looking at your precious soft skin freckle body after a night of intense , passion sex that left me crying and I love you Words . But WTF was I love you If I didn’t love me.

Suicide thoughts came

Thinking of ways to die

I didn’t want to live

I didn’t love me why live

But then My mothers face came to mind, she will be heartbroken

My mother saved me ,

The process began of leaving you to loving myself.

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