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Mental Health Awareness Month

What is mental health awareness month

Mental Health is the psychological and emotional wellbeing. May is National Mental Health month and I am excited. This month is dedicated to breaking the stigma on mental health by educating the public, sharing resources , tools and our story. A few years back when I had I made a video on my mental health story ( ) . There is a stigma in my community on mental health (is 2020 ) and still the work must be done. I share my story because it can help someone cope or share their story. Story saves lives.

I have suffered from a mental illness since I was 16 though I didn’t cope with it till 23 and then I had a new illness , generalized anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed with depression at 23 and anxiety at 29. My mental health has evolved from not knowing what's wrong with me , to knowing, to learning how to deal with it to knowing the difference of what I am feeling. Growing up I did not speak about what was going on with me because I did not know what was going on with me and also there was (still is ) that if you have a mental health you’re crazy. I began talking about it in 2012 when my neighbor committed suicide. I have been open and unapologetic about my mental health issues since then . Sharing my story Has inspired others to cope with their mental health issues , seek help or be open about it .

Sharing the conversation you can educate others that do not have the knowledge on the subject. Sharing is also being empathic to others. We are living in crazy times and people suffering some kind of loss in their lives, some in hardship situations. I tend to educate myself so I can educate others on everything . Growing up I did not have someone to skool me on life , books and experience were my teachers( they still are ). I believe in sharing knowledge because knowledge, education is power to move in life with less ignorance. In my community the stigma still exists so the mission continues. Someone right now is contemplating on suicide.

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. I share my experience , the tools and resources that have helped me in this journey. If you are experiencing mental health issues seek advice/help from a licensed professional.

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