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It has been a while since I published a blog post. I felt the need to write a list of podcast and books for you all. I recorded an episode on my podcast "Cafecito Time con Yaddy" . If you are curious about a topic, research it. Pick up a book, listen to a podcast, etc. Follow your curiosity.


  1. Cafecito Time con Yaddy

  2. CGM Lounge

  3. Meyleik Teel's My taught you

  4. Super soul Sundays podcast

  5. People's party with Talib Kweli

  6. Small doses by Amanda Seales

  7. Suze Orman's Women & Money

  8. Clever Girl Finance podcast

  9. The Marie Forleo podcast show

  10. Your Money your life by Black Enterprise

  11. Unlocking us by Brene Brown

  12. The Nancy Ruffin show

  13. It's Charlie Not Charles

  14. Therapy for Black girls


  1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

  2. A return to love by Marianne Williamson

  3. The unapologetic guide to Black Mental Health by Rheeda Walker

  4. 48 laws of power by Robert Greene

  5. Hustle Harder, Hustle smarter by 50 cent

  6. More of Myself by Alicia Keys

  7. Rich Dad Poor dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

  8. Black/Maybe by Roberto Garcia

  9. The artist way by Julia Cameron

  10. Writing down the bones by Natalie Goldberg

  11. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  12. Trust by Iyanla Vanzant

  13. And it dont stop: The best American Hip Hop Journalism of the last 25 years by Raquel Cepeda

  14. Cant stop wont stop A history of the hip hop generation by Jeff Chang

  15. The Tanning of America How hip hop created a culture that rewrote the rules of the new economy By Steve Stoute

  16. The China Study by Tomas M. Campbell

  17. Medical Apartheid By Harriet A. Washington

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