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Updated: May 19, 2020

I write to practice my writing skills. Earlier in the year Vanessa Martir posted a writing prompt on her Instagram account "Regrets' was the topic. I wrote something about it and posted it and then I took it down. I'm re publishing it again here on my site.

Is cliche to live with no regrets however if you sit back and look at your life ,you’ll start thinking of things you wish did differently. So we do live with regrets , regrets are lessons .I regret with giving my all and lowering my value and losing myself along the way to a person that didn’t deserve it. Giving all my love and yet I didn’t get the same in return. I have to forgive myself from this experience and forgive individuals involved for the apology that you’ll never receive. I had to acknowledge what I did wrong , work with it and be compassionate of others . However , my actions are the only ones I’m responsible for , all I’m left with is the trauma on top of other traumas. I had to forgive my old self, the child in me. Yet I’m still here alive.

Sometimes when I write I forget people might read it and I become too vulnerable and I step back. I've been open about my journey, but I have boundaries in other areas of my life because of others' involvement and I choose not to say it out of respect for them. Is hard though because I want to be fully open but I have to hold my tongue when it is too much.

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