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Self Conscious

Updated: May 19, 2020

Self Conscious:

The feeling of undue awareness of oneself, one's appearance or one’s actions

Oh man I am very self conscious I've discovered and I've been in denial but someone pointed it out and I'm like whoa I had no clue I viewed myself like this..

person : You really good at what you do, why are not promoting it as much

me: IDK how to promote

person: What do you mean you don't know how to ?

me: I just don't know how to discuss my work w/others I'm awkward and uncomfortable

person: You're self conscious then

me: huh

person: you scare to promote your work because of what others may say

This is a real post on how I feel about my work and why I haven't promoted it like that. Let me just say that it takes a lot of power to put yourself out there knowing you'll be judge by the masses that are afraid to place themselves out there. I haven't placed my work out there as I should because of the fear of being judged for not accepting my work. My food , my writing is my art . So If someone judges it , I get offended by it .

I discovered a lack of confidence I have with myself and not being good enough and someone else being better than me So I'm like Why would i put mine out? is no importance. This is coming from years of being told you are not good enough for something and having to develop thick skin along the way but now the thick skin is melting.

How do you heal from something like that?

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