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The letter that was never sent

Updated: May 19, 2020

I came across a letter to someone I was supposed to send. It never got to him and I’m so glad because it was a hate mail. It was a letter of how much pain I had and wanted to share how he affected me. When we hurt we do hurtful things and say hurtful things that later on we regret. Though I didn’t send it to him, I still spoke into existence and I was speaking to the universe and the universe heard me.

I didn’t know any better and I was coming from a bad place. I learned that we must watch what we say because our words are powerful and can affect someone. When we are in place , embrace the pain, learn from your pain but don’t bring or blame anyone else for it. I’ve asked myself how did I get here ? What signs did I miss? I wrote it and placed it on my google drive and didn’t open it till now. That was two years ago. I feel shame just reading it but I also feel growth because I now would not write that at all or even say that to anyone.

I don’t blame anyone for my actions. Eventually we all come across people that are not good for us and do put us in a place can we trust anyone? Eventually they don’t know better and I didn’t know better. Some have woken up and others are stuck where they are. If you go around and blame everyone for what they did to you or blaming others for your actions, you will never grow, you will never see the light of day.

I do not know anything about this person so I don't Know what his life has turned out to be . But I do wish that he is well and blessed and has taken the steps to get better in his own journey. The letter was a "Dear Asshole.." however it was a self reflection on why I kept attracting men like him and placed me into a very uncomfortable path of self respect

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