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What am I feeling, A poem

Updated: May 19, 2020

What am I feeling ?

To be honest , nothing

I feel nothing

I feel nothing of pain

I feel nothing of life

I feel nothing of love

When I am in pain , I feel to write

And I haven’t been in the space to write

I feel for me to write, I need to be in pain because it is more conforming than love. Well that’s been the epitome of my life.

I have risen more in life through pain than through love since the womb.

Unlearning to learn how to feel good is a process.

Unlearning to learn how to feel love is a process

Unlearning to learn how to feel life is a journey

Learning how to be patient with my process is a painful and numb feeling.

So to say how I am feeling ?

I really feel numb because I have been accustomed to feeling pain and then numb and then pain.

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